Property Advertising in Ottawa

If you are planning to sell your house or are looking for tenants in Ottawa, consider advertising your property. Posting it online can attract more prospective buyers or tenants. Reach out to Rest Easy Property Management Ltd to advertise your property in Ottawa.

We employ some of the most effective and creative advertising techniques in an effort to promote your property (and it's features) to as wide an audience as possible. These methods may include: multiple on-line postings, classified listings, multiple billboard postings, highly visible signage, etc. All of which will have information leading prospective tenants to our website where detailed photos and information await them. We make it easy for prospective tenants to get a complete description of the property with minimal effort on their part. This makes their decision to arrange a viewing appointment an easy one. 

We are here to make house hunting, selling and buying properties easy for you. Some people might be hesitant to approach a property advertising agency due to various factors. At Rest Easy Property Management, we understand your concerns and work with you to advertise your property both online and offline to reach a wide audience.

How Property Advertising Can Benefit You

Know how advertising your property online can benefit you: 

  • Expect a higher selling price: We provide you a platform where you can compare your property with others and sell the property for a higher value.
  • Easy way to find prospective buyers: When you advertise your property with us, we can help you to reach a wider audience through various means.
  • We will negotiate for you: While making a deal, we can pitch a higher price for your property. We will consider the furniture involved, and whether there are any renovations that were made.
  • Tenant screening process: We also have a complete tenant screening process in our company. We always screen them so that you need not worry about it while you rent out the property.

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